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About Feature BD

FEATURE BD is a Bangla feature portal organized from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Different features such as Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, Space, Technology, Health, Economics, Geography, Bangladesh, History, Achievements, Jokes, and others.

In the meantime, patronize new writers is another purpose of FEATURE BD. We always appreciate and encourage good quality writings. The habit of reading might make people wise and the habit of writing would make people teachers.

Online and social media based encyclopedia might be the platform for the people to be aware of education and different features.

One of our purposes is to interpret all the important features related to human being in easy and comprehensive manner and thus making people aware of those facts.

Besides, focusing on funny and amazing things is another strategy of our site. Another important aim goes for the people to keep them away from rumors, prejudice, ethnic clashes, and gender discriminations.

To overcome all negative sides of the technology we believe that we should come forward to preach the useful portions of the technology to create a well-developed future Bangladesh.

Our Slogan is: ‘Read to learn, write to teach…’

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