One scientific explanation can reduce COVID-19 cases and death

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Till now more than 3.7 million people have died due to coronavirus and many other sufferings. People face an economic crisis due to lockdown. But still, it is occurring huge death.

So, where is the solution? The solution may be in one scientific explanation and we should focus on it.

Coronavirus is an airborne virus. This virus penetrates and replicates within the human cell after entering through nasal airways. But the rate of virus penetration into the cell is not the same in different air conditions. Specially, air temperature and humidity play a vital role in virus penetration into the cell.

Note that it is not said virus transmission related with air temperature and humidity. Rather virus penetration into the human cell and then replication, illness, and death are related with air condition.

How variation of corona cases occurs with weather?

At first, Coronavirus attaches with the receptor of the nasal cell membrane. Then a hole is created between the virus and cell membrane. In certain wet bulb temperature virus’ membrane tension increases than cell membrane’ tension. At this point, viral mRNA is entered into the cell. After that, the replication process initiates and thus affected people become ill.

Wet-bulb temperature is the measurement of air humidity and temperature collectively. It is found that 11-140C (degree Celsius) wet-bulb temperature is the optimum environment of Coronavirus.

In nature 11-140C wet-bulb temperature is not common throughout the year. But it may be common in indoor such as house, office, vehicle, hospital, etc. This occurs because of using the heater in cold weather and the Air conditioner in hot weather.  

There is evidence regarding the relation between air wet bulb temperature and corona cases and death (see reference below). It needs more investigations as indoor and outdoor wet-bulb temperatures vary in different geographic areas, weather conditions, and social status.

Slum-dwellers cannot afford air conditioners in their indoor and even they cram together. For these reasons, the comparative number of cases and deaths are very low among them.

In a particular wet-bulb condition, membrane tension between virus and cell differs in accordance with respiratory rate. Children, teenagers, and active persons’ respiratory rate differ from aged and inactive persons. It is seen that aged and inactive people suffer more than young and active people.

So what will be the measures for preventing coronavirus pandemic?

  • We need a hygrometer to determine indoor and outdoor wet-bulb temperatures. Is it safe or not?
  • Indoor wet bulb temperature should be maintained out of danger range by adjusting AC or heater.
  • People need to use face musk even when they stay along if air wet-bulb temperature is in or near to 11-14 degree Celsius wet-bulb temperature. Face mask not only helps to prevent transmission but also reduces virus penetration into the cell and further replication. 
  • Gathering helps virus transmission but prevents viral penetration into cell. Because it increases air humidity. If we cannot avoid gathering, then we must ensure avoiding 11-14 degree Celsius wet bulb temperature such as Air condition room, etc.


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